Ritually Rooted Membership Association Agreement

(A Private Contract Membership Association)

I hereby accept the terms of membership in the Ritually Rooted Membership Association (hereinafter Association), a private venue, original and exclusive jurisdiction membership association available only by invitation. With the sealing of this membership agreement, I accept the offer made to become a member of the Association.

By signing this agreement, the member agrees to act in accordance with Ritually Rooted's Mission Statement: To support well-being and sovereignty of each and every individual. We actively educate holistic practitioners to create healthy foundations for themselves, their families, and their communities.

This Association of members, hereby declares that our purpose is to exist as a society living in peace under inherent law, to provide mutual benefits to all members and to protect our members’ rights to freedom of choice regarding our education and healthcare. As members, we affirm jurisdiction under inherent law as Natural Law. This agreement is entered to maintain and protect all birth rights and establish freedom of choice relating to the bodies, minds, and spirits of every member of our association. Members decide what is best for themselves and their legal or health condition. Thus, the ultimate goal of membership is to accept full responsibility for every aspect of ones’ life, health and well being while becoming a self-governing member of this Association. This agreement is between members of the Association in private relationship.

In confirmation, I have freely chosen to change my legal status in this Association from a public person to a private member in the Association. My activities within the Association are protected by this private contract that precludes me from sharing any information regarding the Association or fellow Members with the public or any non-members. Thus, I hereby certify, attest and warrant that I, of sound mind and body, and competent to sign, have carefully read and understood the plain language of this agreement for Ritually Rooted's Membership Association Agreement and voluntarily accept the private terms therein and in the Memorandum of Understanding and hereby intend these terms and this agreement to bind myself in confidentiality for a minimum of 20 years.

I attest that I have freely chosen to change my legal status in this Association from a public person to a private member in the Association. I also attest that I am not operating as an agent of the State and my intentions of joining this membership are pure.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I set my hand this present Day, noted electronically as I mark the checkbox and consent my information through the form on Ritually Rooted's website.



signed on Ritually Rooted's Membership Form

Printed Member Name (printed electronically)